The Blevins men were among the Overmountain Men from Pittsylvania, Henry County, Virginia to settle the Holston in Sullivan County, Tennessee. As with all information there are still many differences in agreement on the Blevins family line. This is the best approximation on my part and my sources. Thank you!

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Friday, May 27, 2011


Born: 1735 in Westerley, Washington County, Rhode Island, USA
Military Service: n/a
Died: 1825 in Emmett, Sullivan County, Tennessee, USA

Agnes Walling in 1759 at Henry, Virginia, USA
Agnes Walling was born in 1740 in Henry, Virginia, USA and died in 1818 in Emmett, Sullivan County, Tennessee, USA

Born: March 1743 in Henry, Virginia, USA
Died: August 10, 1816 in Sullivan County, Tennessee, USA

Dillon Blevins
Born: 1745 in Pittsylvania, Virginia, USA
Died: April 1836 in Selma, Dallas County, Alabama, USA

James Blevins
Born: 1747 in unknown place
Died: Unknown date in unknown place

Catherine Blevins
Born: 1750 in unknown place
Died: 1824 in unknown place

Margaret Blevins
Born: 1754 in unknown place
Died: Unknown date in unknown place

James Blevins
Born: December 25, 1761 in Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island, USA
Died: November 28, 1843 in Martin, Indiana, USA

Reading material regarding William Blevins:
The Blevins Men of the Holston, by Robert P. Blevins

Early History Pre1800 Virginia

The Long Hunters, Volume 3

The Overmountain Men, by Pat Alderman, online pages 12 and 16