The Blevins men were among the Overmountain Men from Pittsylvania, Henry County, Virginia to settle the Holston in Sullivan County, Tennessee. As with all information there are still many differences in agreement on the Blevins family line. This is the best approximation on my part and my sources. Thank you!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Blevins name and why I chose this blog layout...

Hello! My name is Michele. I am the daughter of Mary E. Smalling-Watson, granddaughter of Pearl Blevins-Smalling, a descendant of The Overmountain Men who settled the Holston in Sullivan County, Tennessee, and the great-great-great-granddaughter of Looney Blevins born 1820 in Stoney Creek, Carter County, Tennessee.

As I reflect on the Blevins family history, there are two attributes that especially come to mind. The Blevins were hard-working, honorable, and proud people. My grandma and great-uncles worked in textile factories and/or lumber mills as that was mostly the only work in the area in those days. Secondly they love to laugh and sing. Whenever my family gets together then and today the laughter never stops. My great-uncles would sing on the porches of their homes. There is a special place in my heart for my family and for Stoney Creek, TN. I am very proud to be from the Blevins line...not for the settling of the Holston, but because of their inner strength and gumption to always work hard and get the job done.

The blog background conveyed to me what our Blevins family core was. The overall scene in this blog relates to me. The sun reminds me of the hard work my relatives always did from sunrise to sundown. The wood fence is reminiscent of Stoney Creek. Of course the man on the horse make me think of my ancestors forging their way from Pittsylvania, Henry County, Virginia to make a life for themselves here. And of course I would like to think beyond that wood fence is Stoney Creek. The Blevins were truly pioneering, hard-working people. I love my family! :)

Thank you for your time!